The Fearless Leader Week 1 Recap

So this week has been amazing and each one of my experts has really delivered!!
But… a lot of you had mentioned that you missed one (or more) of the trainings, so I thought it would be fun to bundle up the interviews and pop them onto one page! Wahoo!
Here’s your week of awesome interviews to help you confidently grow your virtual or remote team!
Teresa’s insights around working from a home office when other people are in the house – kids, parents, partner – will literally change the way you work. 25 minutes of practical advice which you can implement today.
Overworking?! Working too hard?! The challenges of working remotely, aka working from home, is that we are working too hard, rather than being lazy or slacking off.
Lisette Sutherland shares her wisdom on how we can find work life balance when working in a home environment and how to keep the two sections of life from blending too much.
Every entrepreneur and small business owner who seeks  well-being needs to grab a coffee and a quiet spot to listen to Lisette.
A major fear for many entrepreneurs is losing the sense of connection when working remotely as well as losing themselves as work and home blend too much.
Laurel Farrer shares her wisdom on how we can draw boundaries to separate work and home life so we can find balance and be mindful and present when we are at “work” and at “home”. How to get in control of your time, tasks, and energies.
So go make a drink, set aside some quiet time and discover how you can be in control of your time, tasks, and energies.
Have you considered that your main job as a virtual leader is to unblur the confusion between work and life for you team?
Trust is the most important thing when working in a remote or virtual team and Michael Sliwinski gives us his best tips for how to ensure everyone is doing their job even when you can’t see them, how to run a super successful (and quick) virtual meeting, and why modelling self-care behaviours is so important to your role as leader.
I found my mind sparking with how I could improve my team leadership when I was listening to Michael and I have already implemented two things with my team… and I have noticed a change in team performance and happiness.
Leave a comment below and share what action/s you are going to take to strengthen your virtual or remote team.

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