Stephan Dohrn

One persistent fear I hear about working remotely is that working with people virtually means a loss of engagement and team spirit and an increase in loneliness and disconnection. But what if it’s just a myth?
Stephan Dohrn from Radical Inclusion shows us how to create a team space that is both engaging and safe. As leaders, it is important we know our team and how each person likes to communicate and Stephan shares the three communication styles and how each style likes to receive and give information.
Imagine how improved your team communication would be if you applied this information along with two other strategies Stephan shares? A must watch interview.


So set yourself up for success and write down one action step you can take to create or grow your remote team that you discovered from today’s interview.

Leave a comment below on your one takeaway from our interview.

Stephan Dohrn

Stephan Dohrn is the co-founder of Radical Inclusion, a remote consulting firm that focuses on online facilitation and remote leadership since 2009. He helps corporate and non-profit leaders deeply connect with their teams and clients despite distance and technology barriers, so they can take advantage of the global shift to remote work. 
Stephan is German and lives with his wife and 2 kids in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


Are you interested in specific, customised advice for your business and team? Feel free to book a free consultation with Stephan to discuss your challenges with team architecture, collaboration, and leadership so you can take advantage of the global shift to remote work.


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